"A first-class recording experience . . ."       "Love the mixing."    "Bob is great at his job!" 

 - Fields Of Green (for recording, co-producing & mixing the winning Emerging Artist songs)





"During my career I have recorded in many recording studios throughout North America. So far the nicest location and space is BiG Audio!"

 - Michael Daingerfield   (Voice Talent - Transformers, Ace Ventura, Iron Man, etc.)


"...BiG Audio Productions was the clear choice to record our new full length album. We actually hired Bob from start to finish: engineering. editing, mixing and mastering - even co-production. He is a true professional who was able to digitally track quality source sounds efficiently and render an amazing analogue mix on his solid state console. Our resulting album compares evenly with recordings in our genre by some of the most highly regarded mixers and producers in the world.

We couldn't be more pleased with the process and the result. Independent artists must spend their money wisely; hiring BAP was easily the best investment we've made."

The Fighting Urges


                                            "Having worked with Bob on over 4 recording projects including my two full albums, I have been

                                             very happy with the end product. His gear is amazing, great space to record, and he is always

                                             ready to support your project (especially if you pick up a coffee for him on your way to the studio).

                                             He is able to pull off a high end recording that has helped me earn airplay with my latest record.

                                             He is a wealth of information. I would highly recommend him and his studio."


                                             - Ryan Donn                                                                                                      www.ryandonn.com



                                             "Bob is a true professional with great equipment. I would not hesitate to recommend Bob to anyone." 

                                                    - Kyle Tubbs (Fields Of Green)                                                                                       www.kyletubbs.com 


                                              "Killer production . . . " 

                                             - Bob Mills, Power 104 Radio  (commenting on Ryan Donn's album)


                                             "The album was masterfully recorded, mixed and co-produced by Bob Gabelhouse at BiG Audio Productions."

                                             - Charlie Hodge, BC Musician contributor (review of Ryan Donn's album)


                                             "Best Production in Alternative Metal, week of 20 Aug2007",  "Track Of The Week on 15 Oct2007 in Alternative Metal"

                                                    - Garageband.com (peer reviews of HELCION)


                                                   "On my latest CD project, Over My Head, I found Bob to be very professional and very easy to work with.

                                                   Bob worked on the project from beginning to end, and I am very pleased with the end product.

                                                   I would happily recommend BiG Audio Productions!"

                                                  - Tracy Fehr                                                                                                      www.tracyfehr.com