(also see 'Analog vs digital mixing' quotations from the pro's here)

1996 Lafont Audio Labs 'Chroma' series class A solid-state analog console with fader/mute automation,
LCRS monitoring and parametric EQ's (designed to replicate SSL's famous E/G series).
60 inline channels (120 inputs), 24 busses, 56 compressors, and 56 four band EQ's with dual
parametric mid's plus high & low shelving or bell, high & low pass filters, and 4 stereo FX returns.

(Note: this is the actual console that was used to mix 'This Is Spinal Tap' as well as remixed many other famous movie soundtracks for DVD such as Stanley Kubrick's movies)


Neumann/Telefunken U47 - legendary vintage large diaphram tube condenser (restored by Telefunken)
Grundig 'BK 11' Ribbon Microphone (Serviced by Steve Sank who installed the RCA ribbon)
Advanced Audio CM-12 (2) - medium diaphragm tube condensers (clones of vintage AKG C12)
Shure Beta 52 - large diaphragm dynamic
Shure Beta 57 - medium diaphragm dynamic
Shure Beta 91 - pressure zone condenser
Shure SM7 - large diaphragm dynamic
Shure SM81 (2) - small diaphragm condensers
Shure SM57 (4) - medium diaphragm dynamics
Shure B56 (4) - medium diaphragm dynamics

Peluso R14 - ribbon microphone

SE Electronics 2200A - large diaphram FET condenser


Wunder Audio PEQ1R (2 channels) hot-wired version of famous Neve 1073 preamp and EQ
Universal Audio 6176 (famous Bill Putnam 610 mic pre with 1176LN compressor)
Ward Beck M460 (2 channels) with 3 band EQ's (very Neve-like sound)
TLA Audio Tube mic pre's (4 tube channels)
Universal Audio 8110 (8 Class A preamps that switch between transparent 'IC' or warm transformer based circuitry)


Manley Variable-Mu stereo tube mastering limiter (used by more famous mastering engineers than any other)
Manley Massive Passive stereo tube mastering equalizer (favorite of professional mastering engineer Bob Ludwig)
Avalon 747SP stereo tube mastering compressor (optical cell plus EQ)
API 2500 stereo bus compressor (with SSL & Fairchild settings)
Universal Audio 6176 (1176LN VCA compressor)
Empirical Labs EL7 Fatso (2 channel multi-purpose solid-state compressor with tape simulation)
Aphex Aural Exciter (stereo mastering processor)
Meyer Sound stereo parametric room equalizer


Apogee AD16X - 24 bit 96KHz (Mix guru Bob Clearmountain's prefered unit)
Apogee DA16X - 24 bit 96KHz (clocked by C777 in AD16X above)
MOTU 2408 MKIII - 24 bit 96KHz (8 analog plus 16 digital in's & out's for the Nuendo rig)
Digidesign 888/24 (2) - 24 bit 44.1/48KHz (16 in's and 16 out's for the Pro Tools TDM rig)
(total of 40 analog outputs for mixdown)


Steinberg Nuendo VST on PC 
Pro Tools 10 on Mac (plus TDM MIX 'cube' system c/w expansion chassis with Core card plus 2 extra DSP Farm cards)
Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad card (with LA2A, Studer, 1176, Pultec EQ, etc.)
Waves Diamond Bundle
Native Instruments Bundle
Blue Tubes bundle
TC bundle
Sample tank
Amp Farm
Master X
GRM Tools
The Grand
Miroslav Philharmonic



Martin Logan Ascent V electrostatic speakers (used by several world-class mastering studios)

Bryston 4BST low distotion stereo power amp for main monitors above

Klipsch RSW12 Reference subwoofer (625W continuous & 2400W peak)
Mackie HR8 nearfield monitor speakers

JBL surround speakers
Sony headphones (4 assorted)


TASCAM 24 Track analog tape recorder

MOTU MIDI Timepiece (multiple MIDI merge interface)
Digidesign SMPTE Slave Driver (time code generator/interface)
Denon DVD 2910 (DVD Audio, SACD & CD player)
BENQ DLP video projector & large screen


LESAGE upright acoustic piano

(Note: all guitars have been set-up by a professional luthier)

Yamaha 7 piece maple drum kit with metal snare
Taye 7" Black Panther snare
Yamaha nylon classical guitar
Epiphone 12 string acoustic guitar
Alvarez steel 6 string acoustic guitar
BC Rich 'Strat' style electric guitar
Fernandez 'Strat' style electric guitar
Graceland hollow-body electric guitar
Jay Turser 7 string electric guitar
Peavey 5 string electric bass

Bogner Ecstacy 101B amp with Class A/AB option
Marshall 4x12 slant cabinet
Mosvalve stereo guitar amplifier
Digitech Twin Tube guitar preamp & FX
Vox Tonelab multi-FX and amp simulator
M-Audio Keystation 49 MIDI/USB keyboard controller

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