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BiG Audio Productions

BiG Audio Productions is a
licensed, professional recording
studio owned and operated by 
multi-award nominated, certified audio engineer, musician and music producer, Bob Gabelhouse ('B.G.')

This state-of-the-art music and
post-production audio facility is located overlooking beautiful Okanagan Lake in Kelowna, BC.

The studio features a BiG control
room, a large ambient live/drum room and three isolation booths, all separated by sound-proof viewing windows.

Highlighted equipment includes an excellent selection of high-caliber microphones including large-diaphragm tube condensers, class A transformer-based preamplifiers, 40 high-quality digital converters, top-of-the-line signal processors, separate Pro Tools TDM and Nuendo VST digital systems and a 60 channel /120 input automated solid state mixing console for 5.1 surround-sound and stereo mixing.

These are the same tools used in the world's best studios to record and mix award-winning songs and movie soundtracks.

Here are some of the classic movies remixed to 5.1 on BiG Audio's LAFONT CHROMA mixing console (purchased from Chace Productions in Burbank, California)

Read about the 5.1 surround sound re-mixing of The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind on the LAFONT console when it was still at Chace Productions.

Read the Spinal Tap article about the LAFONT CHROMA console in MIX Magazine.

Bob’s extensive experience in music, recording and live concert mixing have given him the ability to engineer and produce high-quality recordings and mixes with a tight yet ‘live’ edge and big, present sound. High-fidelity is his focus, priority and passion.



Listen to updated audio clips on 'Music' page

Feeling very privileged to have worked with the following clients lately (especially after the big names that they have worked with in the past):

  • A recent recording session with Warner Brothers star “Octavia” from the popular sci-fi series The 100 - at BIG Audio Productions. Octavia
  • Fields Of Green (worked with GGGarth Richardson - Hedly, Chevelle, Nickleback, etc)
  • Tommy Roumanas (worked with Al Rodger - Gary Fjellgaard, The Odds)
  • The Flu (worked with Mike Fraser / Jeff Dawson - ACDC, Joe Satriani, Rush / Daniel Powter, etc.)

Congratulations to Fields Of Green for winning the Emerging Artist contest (coordinated by Music BC and recorded, produced & mixed at BIG Audio)

“Rebel Angel” by Jayson Bendera is climbing the US radio charts!!!

“Rebel Angel” by Jayson Bendera added to Flicka 3 soundtrack:
Produced, recorded and mixed at BiG Audio Productions

Three of BiG AUDIO’s albums were top three nominee’s at BCIM Awards:

  • Trinity's Tattoo
  • Cynthia Leigh-Ann
  • Matthew Phoenix

STUDIO: (250) 862-5002