(as low as $50/hour)


  • Digital recording and editing (from bed-tracking to overdubbing and more on Pro Tools and Nuendo VST or warm analog tape)


  • Analog and digital mixing (bring in previously recorded audio files)      (also see 'Analog vs digital mixing' quotations from the pro's here)            


  • Mastering in digital and analog (bring in mixed/un-compressed stereo files for first-class analog processing in a tuned room with mastering monitors)


  • Stereo CD and 5.1 Surround DVD music production (in-house and/or live-remote)


  • Audio post-production for video/film (ADR, SFX, foley, re-recording, mixing and music)


We have  competitive rates based on hourly studio use, and can also provide project package quotes.

Find out how you can get this first-class equipment & location, along with broadcast quality production, at the best package rates for audio in the Okanagan. 


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